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The fantasyalternatives Best fantasy app page is the single best resource for the logical recommendations of fantasy apps 2022.

Hard work beats talent, but smart work beats both!

Here we shortlist Tops fantasy apps in such a way that it will be beneficial for you (users) [*Based on our logic and tested by Us]

Beneficial Offers and Feature

  • Play in Minimum Cost
  • App Provide Extra Reward
  • Trusted and Genuine

Later on, we will discuss the in-depth information about choosing the best fantasy app in 2022.

Our Shortlists of the Best Fantasy App 2022

(The ranking of fantasy apps 2022 updated monthly.)

AppsReferral CodeDownload Link
1. Dream11SIDDHA13085VW[Click Here]]
2. GamezySSAM[Click Here]]
3. Myteam11XPJLLAB57Q[Click Here]
4. My11circleSIDD9018[Click Here]
5. MPLNDCICTHS[Click Here]
6. Myfab11siddha14[Click Here]
7. PlayerzpotS5B3DDC7[Click Here]
8. Paytm First Gamesqrguml694[Click Here]
9. BallebaaziGDCHIG1[Click Here]
10. Fan2Playf2pt1vtw[Click Here]
11. BlitzpoolsC06E5F[Click Here]

There are 100+ fantasy apps in this field and they provide varieties of features and offers. According to your need, you can choose whatever you want.

For Example- if you’re going to play only GL/SL, the best features of GL/SL may be different such as the running performance; any app may be avoided for playing Small League but not compromise in Mega Contest(GL).

Thus, we will conclude that various apps are beneficial for different purposes.

Here we categorise the top fantasy app into three parts; because now you can understand and choose the right fantasy app according to your purpose.

  • Best fantasy app for mega contest(GL)
  • Best fantasy app for small league (SL)
  • All in One fantasy app

Best fantasy app for Mega Contest (GL)

We have two secrets for Playing Mega Contest and becoming profitable. First, the right way to choose the best fantasy app, and second, keep in mind all important points.

How to choose the best fantasy app for mega contest?

  • Play in minimal
  • play both mega contest and mini GL
  • comfort
  • Play on PC

This is our best technique (logic) for becoming profitable. You may or may not understand some points and the logic behind it. So for a brief explanation, please check out our article Best Mega Contest Fantasy App.

Our ShortList of GL Fantasy App

AppReferral CodeDownload Link
1. Dream11SIDDHA13085VWClick Here
2. Myteam11XPJLLAB57QClick Here
3. Gamezy
[Minimal Cost]
SSAMClick Here
Coming soon…

Best fantasy app for Small League

How to choose a 100% winning fantasy app to play Small League

100% Winning team depends upon your team or opponent.

First, you have to think ‘How you can win Small League?’ and ‘winning depends on which factor means your team or opponent.’

Generally, many players think it only depends on their created team; it is also true that the best team easily wins, but if your team is average or below average, then what?

100% Winning means-
In fantasy sports winning all contests in all matches is not possible. It actually means that win almost every match at least a few contests. No matter your team has gone perfect or below average.

I have 5 years of experience in this fantasy sports field, and I try almost all fantasy apps. Thus my opinion does matter.

My Opinion-

(Our Teams always follow and get good results)

  • In Small League, the winning team equally depends on both your team and your opponent.
  • Try to avoid a fantasy app that is only promoted by a fantasy expert influencer. (Telegram team provider)
  • Must prefer to play fantasy apps promoted on TV advertisements and new or underrated trusted fantasy apps. It is also okay if both influencers and TV Ads promote a fantasy site.

The above points are summarized in one word is competition. The app that we told you to avoid because there you get high competition for fantasy experts.

For extra benefit include some points-

  • Low commission(charges)– You can easily become profitable without knowing! If you play, taking less charges fantasy app as compared to others.
  • Must be trusted and genuine– It must be fair play protected to avoid scams.
  • Variety of SL contests– The app should provide different members with budget-friendly SL contests.

Our Shortlist of SL Fantasy App

AppsReferral CodeDownload Link
1. Dream11SIDDHA13085VWClick Here
2. GamezySSAMClick Here
Coming soon…

I don’t tell you that, don’t follow any YouTube or telegram influencer. But analyze the above point and take your own decision, that it’s.

If you want to play just a low commission fantasy app, no matter the above point. Then Our shortlist of  SL fantasy apps.

AppsReferral CodeDownload Link
1. Myfab11siddha14Click Here
2. PlayerzpotS5B3DDC7Click Here
3. Fan2playf2pt1vtwClick Here
Coming soon…

All in one best fantasy app

Suppose you do not confirm that you would play only GL/SL or play both SL/GL in one app. Here you will get all in one best fantasy app. You can also choose the best fantasy app by taking the above 7 points of both SL/GL. Please keep in mind your app should cover maximum points.

Our Shortlist of All in one Best Fantasy App

AppsReferral CodeDownload Link
1. GamezySSAMClick Here
2. Dream11SIDDHA13085VWClick Here
3. Myteam11XPJLLAB57QClick Here
Coming soon…

Do You Want to Know

My Final Word (How I play fantasy sports)

In fantasy sports, the smart player can always be profitable. I always try to play smartly. As I told you, I tried almost all fantasy apps, and I prefer to play in those apps which provide the best deal at present. Thus, it also changes from time to time.

Example- As you know, in DREAM11, bonus is utilized as real money up to 25 per match. So I prefer to play in dream11 when it provides deposit offers.

So many apps gave so many offers from time to time. Play accordingly in which you can become profitable.

Disclaimer- This complete article is based on our point of view, and it may differ from others.

These fantasy games involve an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk.

  • Is 100% winning is possible in fantasy sports?

    As you know, performance depends on real-life players. In sports, anything can be possible, and thus nobody can give 100% guarantee of winning. If there is any demand for 100% winning, I request you to please keep a distance from him.

  • Which is the best way to become profitable in fantasy sport, playing SL or GL?

    You can become profitable by playing both SL & GL, and it may vary from person to person depending upon their interest.

I have been Playing Fantasy Sport (Dream11 and like more) since 2017. When I  was started playing fantasy sports, I do not even use Rs 1 from my banking account. I have a lot of experience in this field starting

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