Best Mega Contest (GL) Fantasy App 2022

The Best Mega Contest(GL) Fantasy App for anyone may be different! But must have one goal to become profitable.

Here we will discuss our best analysis for the best fantasy apps to play mega contest and mini GL with some valid reason and proven technique(why and how?) so that anyone can become profitable.

I think you will love those tips and recommend the mega contest fantasy app If you read the whole.

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My Logic behind Choosing the best Mega Contest Fantasy Sports

This technique(logic) was 100% proven by us. Here 1st we will discuss some main points of our logic……. and that should help you.
Points are-

The Brief explanation of these points are below-

Play Both Mega Contest(GL) + mini GL-

Playing only mega contest(GL) on Dream11 and always (interval) getting profitable is difficult or impossible.
But it can be possible if you play both GL plus mini GL.

My logic behind this concept,

  • As you know, In mega contest, the maximum prize is distributed to the first ten ranks(1-10) and others get some decent prizes.
  • Suppose you play mega contest (1crore) and get 99 ranks, then you will get some decent prize(3x-10x), But If you also play mini GL with those teams, there is a chance to win mini GL (200-5000 members), which can be multiplied you’re winning up to 100x(x=entry fees).
  • It is true that, If you play only GL(1crore), then there are two chances
  1. Win GL (may impossible)
  2. Only recover entry fees
  • But playing both GL and mini GL, you may lose a few matches, but It can be recovered and become profitable by a single match.

Thus, your GL fantasy apps must provide your budget mini GL contests(hot contests).

It is our 1st mantra to play GL Fantasy sports.

Play on Laptop/PC-

Creating a team on PC with a preview increases the winning percentage in mega contests.

  • After toss and lineouts, you will get approximately 20 minutes. Creating 20 teams with your data and analysis in 20min is difficult(preview), and in some cases, you may not also edit your all team.
  • It can be possible and easy by playing on a PC. In PC, you can easily create teams with previews.
  • If you have a PC, you must try to play on a PC. But if you don’t have a PC, don’t consider this point. Other points are enough.

For information about playing on PC…

Minimal –

  • It would be great if you invest/join contests in a minimum amount. It can be possible by using bonuses, extra discounts, best depositing offers, mission or reward, etc.

There are some apps in which you get these features.


  • It is also a good point, but you may not observe it. Woking efficiency can be enhanced by simplicity(easy to use).
  • If you play Mega Contest(GL) in any fantasy apps, it must be running smoothly, good interface, fast process, etc.

These might help to create your full-strength teams.

I assure you that these 4 points help you a lot to choose the best fantasy apps to become profitable in the long run. This might not be examined urgently, but it can be your mantra to become profitable in a period.

Please keep in mind that when you shift from one fantasy to another, there is a chance of complication, but continuity can eliminate it. Hence don’t panic.

Now time for our recommendations

Best GL and Mini GL Fantasy App-

1st we recommend- non PC (computer) users, and likewise PC users.

Mobile Users (non PC/Laptop)-

Suppose you don’t have a PC or want to play only on a mobile. We are going to provide our best Recommendation.

Why is this app is best with features and offers? Please check accordingly.

(I ensure you that this app are 100% tried and proven)

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1- Gamezy

2- Dream11

3- Paytm First Games

PC/Laptop Users-

If you have a PC, you must try to play on PC. It can drastically reduce all your faults and increase efficiency.

Click & Jump to Specific App

1- Myteam11

2- Blitzpools

Do you Want to know


Best Mega Contest (GL) and Mini GL Fantasy App 2022. Gamezy Fantasy App
Gamezy Download link

Referral Code- SSAM

Why is Gamezy suitable to play Mega Contest(GL) fantasy sports?
  • The most important point Gamezy app is minimal, which means you can play here in a minimal amount by use of bonuses, extra discount codes, depositing offers, rewards (mission complete).
  • You also get a grand league(GL) and some budget mini GL(hot) contests.
  • The gamezy interface is cool and nice to use(smooth, run properly). But there were some glitches just before the deadlines( Gamezy team tried to set up these things).
Interface of Gamezy app

You can also play on PC, but you can,t create team and team previews at a moment. It is just like the mobile version, which you can use on the web.


Dream11 Download and Register to get 100 Sign up Bonus with my Referral code.
Dream11 Download link

Referral Code- SIDDHA13085VW

Why Dream11 is the Best to play Mega Contest(GL) fantasy sports?
  • The most important feature of dream11 is GL + mini GL contests. It provides a variety of GL and mini GL; according to your budget, you can play.
  • The best point is easy to use the mobile version, and it runs fast and smoothly at any time.
  • In Dream11, only Rs 25 bonus is used per match and any contest( no matter SL/GL and entry fee)

Not available on PC .

Paytm First Games-

Paytm First Games Download and Register to get 50 Sign up Bonus with my Referral code.
Paytm First Games Download link

Referral Code- qrguml694

Why is Paytm First Games suitable for playing Mega Contest(GL) fantasy sports?
  • Paytm first games provide a GL and some mini GL contests in all matches.
  • Here you will use some bonus and also get the extra discount which leads to playing in minimum amount.
  • Its interface is so simple and gets a few problems ( sightly bad experience).
Interface of Paytm First Games

Not available -PC.


Myteam11 Download and Register to get 100 Sign up Bonus with my Referral code.
Myteam11 Download link

Referral Code- 3WFDIW16AB

Why My team11 is reasonable to play Mega Contest(GL) fantasy sports?

Here you will get the combined main features of Gamezy and Dream11 in one app, plus you can play on PC.

  • Features are GL and mini GL contests(variety of mini GL) and play in minimal(Use bonuses and get depositing offers).
  • My team11 app is also okay to use, runs smoothly.
  • Available on PC, which can enhance your team’s creating performance.
  • Interface of myteam11 desktop version with team plus team preview.
  • Interface of Myteam11 fantasy app.


Blitzpools Download and Register to get 50 Sign up Bonus with my Referral code.
Blitzpools Download link

Referral Code- 8EB3A3

Why is Blitzpool suitable to play Mega Contest(GL) fantasy sports?

Blitzpool is a very small fantasy app, but you will get good features. If you are a beginner, I recommend trying once.

  • It provides some mini GL contests.
  • In GL, the bonus is used, also get extra discount occasionally, and on your first deposit, get 20% extra real cash.
  • Interface and running are simple.
  • Blitzpool is also available on PC.
  • Interface of Blitzpools desktop version with team plus team preview.

I have been Playing Fantasy Sport (Dream11 and like more) since 2017. When I  was started playing fantasy sports, I do not even use Rs 1 from my banking account. I have a lot of experience in this field starting

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