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I’ve been playing fantasy sports, since 2018. Honestly, I started playing with Zero investment and I also tried almost every fantasy app. Thus, I am the best person to guide you. More

How to choose the the best fantasy app ?

Here we shortlist the best fantasy apps (out of 50+ apps) in such a way that it will be beneficial for you (users) [*Based on our logic and tested by Us]

Features have-

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Most popular article

Most download & userbase fantasy app

These are the TOP 10 Fantasy Apps 2022.

My Favorite app

These are Our top 4 FANTASY APPs. Do you want to Know ‘Why these are our favorite apps?’.

Dream11 Fantasy App



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Fantasy Akhada fantasy app

Fantasy Akhada

Fantasy Akhada

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MPL app.



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Gamezy Fantasy App.



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Learn Fantasy Sport

I consider that you read the above section. Now I am definitely saying that you surely understand to choose the best fantasy apps for SL/GL (out of 50+ apps).

Now Time for Creating the best fantasy teams to beats your opponents.

Create best team

There are so many factors that depend to create the best teams. If you want to know Check.

Complete Guide: Become a Pro Fantasy Player

Before you start playing fantasy sports, you need to understand how fantasy sports work.

Shortcut- There are so many experts( YouTube) in this field. they provide the best information and fantasy TEAM. Thus you should follow them. above article also discussed my favorite fantasy expect.

No Fantasy Expert can win EVERY MATCH & there are so many UP and DOWN. To Become PROFITABLE in long run, you must have planning that is investment Strategies.

Investment Strategies

Here, we discuss some popular Investment strategies in 2022 with their mindset, risk tolerance, goal, etc.

Why This

Grow your knowledge & Become profitable


I Am Siddhanta.

I have been playing Fantasy sports (Dream11 and like more) since 2017. When I started playing fantasy sports, I do not even use Rs 1 from my banking account.
I have a lot of experience in this field starting from “How anyone can choose the best fantasy site”    …. to …  “Create the best  DREAM11 team”. I win lots of money with my unique IDEAS  and EXPERIENCE.

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