Dream11 Addiction: its Solution

Most people who play Dream11 don’t have addiction problems, but some become compulsively addicted to dream11, which is very Dangerous.

When you can stop, you don’t want to. And when you want to stop, you can’t. That’s addiction.

Nowadays, 60-70% of Indian youth play Dream11, because of immaturity, they traped into Addiction.

Let’s briefly talk about Dream11 Addiction.

Dream11 Addiction-

With no control of yourself, for a long time playing more matches daily, in the hope of winning more money is leads to Dream11 addiction.


  • 3 Reasons: that make it so addictive
  • Its Consequences
  • Solution

3 Reasons: that make it so addictive

1st Reason

Where there is a chance of a win or loss of finance(money), mostly, it becomes addictive. It is all about the physiology of the mind.
As Human wants are unlimited, If anyone wins money, then he must play more, for more money(just like the 99 club story).
But if any lose money, he must also play more to recover the losses. In this way, many people played more matches daily for long intervals and were trapped into the Dream11 Addiction or any gambling addiction. Because of this, many people lose their most important money.

2nd most important reason is the Algorithm of the fantasy apps.

Just like social media, Dream11 is also designed for addiction. Here for engaging users, they provide platform chat with your friends, play with friends with the help of challenges, despite offers, extra discount coupons, free giveaway contests, etc.

There are so many fantasy apps in the market, and they provide unique features to increase user engagement.

Because of this, many people who want to quit playing fantasy sports or do not want to play a nonselected match, they compulsory play in the hope of last time, but last time will never come.
And most important is if any play in the hope of last time, again he traps into 1st reason of addiction.

3rd reasons

Why many people are trapped into Dream11 addiction?

It is a straightforward reason which generally affects most beginners or immature fantasy sports players. That is the feeling of pleasure and reward or the release of a chemical in the body called Dopamine.
Many researchers say that pleasure leads to any type of addiction—for example, foods, drinks, porn, etc.

When I started, I was also a beginner, and I also played a lot of matches daily basis because of that feeling. If I don’t play for any reason, I feel unusual, which I can’t explain.
For increasing dopamine levels in the body, many people play a lot of matches daily and become addicted to fantasy sports.

Consequences of fantasy sports addictive

Like anything in control / limits are beneficial for us but with no control leads to a terrible consequence.
Fantasy sports addiction is also a huge problem, and its consequences may direct to Huge Problems.

Consequences may lead to-

  • Affect Your Carrier
  • Waste of time (Don’t give attention to other important work)
  • Affect your Relationship (no time for parents, missing family event)
  • Mental Health Problems (taking a lot of stress and anxiety)
  • Huge financial losses (Dreaming big may lead to huge losses of money)
    • In case of huge financial losses may lead to suicide.

Now it’s time for the solution-

See, playing fantasy sports is not the problem, but with no control, playing fantasy sports like an addict is the main problem.

In fantasy sports, a lot of people earn money with the help of their skills and experience (data and information) or others. Thus it is good to say that playing fantasy sports is not the problem but with no control over yourself, not giving time to your actual goal and family is the main problem.

It is all about your beliefs; If you think playing fantasy sports is an addiction and want to quit, it is okay.

Or you can’t decide to quit or continue.
Please check out this article.

You Should Quit or Continue Dream11?

How I play fantasy sports without affecting my essential work?

When I started playing on Dream11, it was a lot of fun, leading to addiction. I also made decent money regularly. But after a year, when I see back. I realized that I was going away from my goal and addicted to playing fantasy sports. After that, I think-

Q. Can I play fantasy sports without affecting my essential work?

I get a solution that is control over myself. See, control over myself is the most challenging part of this occupation. It was possible by doing two efforts.

1. analyse the importance-

  • It is a very crucial effort. Analyzing the importance of work helps my sence of humor to control myself.

2. making some tagline(plan)-

  • I used to play only in my free time and when there was no important work.
  • Play only selected matches.
  • Positive attitude: Don’t be afraid if I lose a match.
  • Avoid seeing the opponent team and current rankings.

If you have more work or do not have a good match, try to skip playing for a whole day. It is also the best way to enhance control over yourself.

First, I did all this for a month, Saw many drastic changes in my life. Thus, I continuously followed, and gradually I control over myself. I have been doing this thing, and I also used this strategy in other work, which totally changed my life.


Try control over yourself. It is not an easy task; It can be possible by two efforts.

  1. Understanding the importance of work at the entire match duration
  2. Making strategies(Taglines)

You have to make some strategies like these-

  • Play in your free time or when you are not doing important work.
  • Play only selected matches.
  • Don’t be afraid if you lose; please try to recover according to your strategies.
  • Avoid seeing the opponent team and current rankings.

You have to do this minimum for a month for 100% outcomes.

FAQs: Dream11 addiction

  • Is Dream11 addiction is harmful?

    Many Dream11 addicted people think, this helps to gain more knowledge. But it can create a huge effect on your life, and it may affect your carrier, finances, mental health, etc.

  • Is Play dream11 is an addiction?

    Yes, we can say but not 100% correct. Because if you are playing in control, it can become like other work or job.

Srikanta Majhi is the main author, content creator, stats analyst of Fantasyalternatives.com. My aim is always to learn new things and educate you.

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