Dream11 Invite Code 2023 | Dream11 Register Process (Using Invite Code)

Dream11 is the Biggest and most Secure fantasy sports platform which provides instant withdrawal, a smooth interface, the best deals(introducing Dreamruns), etc.

The Dream11 invite code: New Dream11 users can sign up with the code to claim the Rs 200 coupon and extra discount coupons.

In this exclusive post, we will discuss the Dream11 Register process with an invite code to archive Rs 200 coupons plus extra benefits.

Dream11 Invite Code 2023.

Let’s walk through the simple steps for the Dream11

Below are the sign-up steps

Step 1 Download the Dream11 app on his official website and Open it.

Step 2 When Dream11 opens, you will get three options. To get Rs 200 coupon you have to use the invite code: So, click on “invited by a friend? Enter Code”

Step 3Now, you have to enter my invite code- SIDDSR10RS, and your mobile number; and click on “Register.”

Step 4– Wait for a few seconds; you receive a 6-digit OTP. Enter the OTP which proceeds automatically.

Step 5Now you are all set to start to play. Enter your team name and click on “Save Name”.

Yes, after obeying the above steps👆👆 your Dream11 account is successfully registered by using the Invite code. Now, you also get Rs 200 coupon and are eligible for use.

For DREAM11 invite code benefits

Referral Code- SIDDSR10RS

Important Tips-

As you are new in the Dream11 field and have zero knowledge. This Guide Helps you to build some basic knowledge and sustain yourself in this field.

What is Dream11?

Dream11 is a game where you create a virtual team of real players for a match and the winner will be decided based on your player’s performances in a real-life match according to the points system.

Important Tips-

  1. Please select a match, in which you know the players. Like India vs. Other or IPL.
  2. Before playing any match, please look at the Dream11 point system.
  3. Before the Match starts (deadline), you can edit your team. Thus, after the toss please sensibly edit your team.
  4. Important- As you are a beginner in this field, you have zero knowledge to create the best teams. Thus, you may lose your money. To avoid losses I suggest to please search on YouTube about your selected match. On YouTube, you will get so much information that you don’t know; and according to that information, create your own team.

More Learning

Dream11 Rs 200 Coupon-

When any Register Dream11 using my Invite code. He will unlock discounts worth Rs 200 that are divided into fourth parts. 3 discount coupons (Single entry) and 1 discount pass (multi-entry), and would use one after one. Dream11 coupon working processes are given below.

how to Use Dream11 Rs 200 Coupon.
  1. 1st coupon- Get a discount entry of 75% of entry amount up to 33. 1st coupons will expire after 7 days from the date of registration
  2. 2nd coupon- Get a discount entry of 50% of the entry amount up to 33. 2nd coupon will expire after 7 days from the date of utilisation of 1st coupon.
  3. 3rd coupon- Get a discount entry of 25% of entry amount up to 33. 3rd coupon will expire after 7 days from the date of utilisation of the 2nd coupon.
  4. 4th Pass- Get discounts entry of 10% of entry-amount up to 101. The Pass will expire after 7 days from the date of utilisation of the 3rd coupon.
All detailed information about 'how to Use Dream11 Rs 200 Coupon'

All detailed information about the Coupon is given in the table.

Also, Watch the Video-

Dream11 KYC Verification-

Documents Required for Dream11 KYC verification-

  • Email ID
  • Pan Card (photo)
  • Bank Account (Photo)

Steps for KYC Verification-

  1. Open Dream11 and Tap on “Menu (3bars)”.
  2. There seem many options. Click on ” My Balance”.
  3. In the winning section, Click on “Verify”.
  4. Then the Dream11 KYC page is open. Now fulfill all the information and upload the photocopy to verify your KYC. Verify one by one-
    • Email ID (OTP Verify)
    • Pan Card- Fulfill the required information and upload a clear photo of the pan card. (It takes maximum of 24 hours to verify).
    • Bank Account-Fulfill the required information and upload a clear photo of the Bank account. (It takes maximum of 24 hours to verify).


The above information is all about the Dream11 registration process to get Rs 200 discounts, KYC verification, and some important tips for new users. If you have any doubts or problems, please write them down in the comment section. (we respond with a reasonable solution)

FAQs: Dream11 Invite Code

Q. Can I use any two Dream11 registration coupons in one match?

Ans- No, Dream11 terms and conditions do not allow it. These coupons can be used match after match.

Q. Can I create Dream11 multiple accounts on one device to claim Rs 200 coupons?

Ans- You can create Dream11 multiple accounts on one device, but you can’t claim Rs 200 coupons multiple times. It can be claimed, one time at a time during a first account.

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