Dream11 Fantasy Sport: Complete Beginner’s Guide in 2022

This is the first article for our free course. In this course, we talk about all the fundamentals of fantasy sports. Here our mission is to educate all fantasy players.

Are you a beginner in this dream11 sports fantasy field? You don’t know, How to start perfectly, and what are the consequence of it?
Your problems are solved here I am with you. Here I am going to solve your all problems regardings fantasy sports (Dream11 or similar apps).

Now you may have also doubt about how can I solve your problems and Why we trust you.

I confirm that I have given more than 5 years and have so much knowledge….. for more information, please check my bio. When I started to play dream11 Fantasy Sports, I was also a beginner. So I well know what types of problems would beginner’s faces.

I also have far better knowledge and experience than you and some 100% proven & applied strategies. That is 100% useful for you. That is why I am going to give a perfect guide so that you can sustain yourself in this field.

Before stepping up to the fantasy sports field, You should aware of all of its dark sides.

As I start playing dream11 by seeing the ads, I guess you would also start liking me. In all ads, they show that many people earn crores of rupees by playing fantasy sports. But the fact is, some people also lose lakhs of money.

Fantasy sports Like Dream11 apps are a game of skill, but if you did not know how actually it should be played, then it became gambling. Because now, it only depends on luck. (All games that depend only on luck are gambling games like betting, card games, etc.)
It is necessary that you should be well known about all those above things before stepping up to this field.

Let’s look at the chapters we are going to cover in this guide.


1. Avoid Mistakes (beginner did)

2. In which type of fantasy app is best for beginners & why?

3. How to gain knowledge? (source)

4. Up and Down (saving for future)

5. How to play fantasy sport like a pro


Avoid Mistakes (Beginner did)

In this chapter, we will discuss common mistakes that beginners make. In which you can learn and avoid that mistakes.

Here we will talk about mistakes from simple to complex.

So, please cooperate with me.

These are the key point of mistakes.

  • Deadline (Lineouts)
  • Fantasy Point system
  • Lack of knowledge (Player, Pitch, Format…)
  • Play every match
  • 1Crore Grand League
  • Investment
  • Greediness


Fantasy Point System-

Lack of Knowledge ( Player, Pitch, Format…)

Play Every Match-

1Crore Grand League-



These are all mistakes that many beginners make. I request you all to please avoid this type of mistake.

Bonus Tips

In my experience, many beginners, when they play any match, they become addicted to the match. So they may be looking for live scores and checking the team performance and rank.
It is the most stressful(whether the match goes according to your team or not). The result is declared when the match ends, and it is sports anything can happen. Thus, my suggestion is If you watch a live match, watch for enjoyment or analyse the player’s technique and pitch behaviour.

Now time for an important section, as there are so many fantasy apps like Dream11, MPL, My Circle 11, Gamezy, many more. So the question is-


In which types of fantasy app is best for beginners and Why

(I assure you this tactic is 100% applied and proven)

Here I will discuss some features according to you can choose your best fantasy app. Your app should have maximum features from the following.

Features to Choosing a Best Fantasy App-

  1. Low commission [taking less charges on the contest]
  2. Extra Benifit [Like Cash bonus usable contests | extra discount | Depositing offer]
  3. Low competition [New trusted platform | Promoting through ads on TV]
  4. Genuine and trusted app [should have well-known brand ambassador]

If your fantasy app has at least 3 of the above following features. Then that app is best to play. It would be best if you tried once.

Why are these types of fantasy apps best for beginners?

As you are a beginner and generally beginners have not as much knowledge and experience. So he may not create the best team always. Hence, in the long run, he may lose money (There is more probability that he may lose).
If you follow my tactic, your losses would also be minimal if you lose. Because If you play in those apps, then you can use the bonus and also get an extra discount. Because of that, you can invest how much you want to invest in the minimum amount. If you do not understand, please go through with the example-
Suppose you play in


Grand League Contest

5 Contest- 5 * Rs 49= Rs 245

In a Match, maximum Bonus Use Rs 25

Final Price- 245-25=Rs 220


Grand League Contest

5 Contest- 5 * Rs 49= Rs 245

In a Match, maximum Bonus Use 20% per team

49 of 20%=9.8

Final Price- 245-9.8*5=Rs 196 – Extra Discount

I think if you have any doubt regarding the above investment, then it should be clear.

This is a Short intro to the second article of our free course. If you want please check out “How to Choose your best Fantasy apps” and the best recommendation of fantasy apps.


How to gain knowledge?(source)

We can’t have full knowledge at once. We must start by believing; then afterwards we may be led on to master the evidence for ourselves.
By Thomas Aquinas

As knowledge is everything and we can’t have full knowledge at the beginning. We can enhance our knowledge by stepping up to any field.
No Knowledge and playing Fantasy sport is also a big mistake I discussed above. You may know well.
In this dream11 sports fantasy arena, you need a lot of knowledge, and you also know some of the points that help to create the best team.

Here I discuss some important aspects of fantasy sports that you have to know.

Important Factor For Cricket Fantasy-

  • Ground Size
  • Pitch Report
  • All Player Starts
    • Recent Form
    • Past Performance Against the Opponent
    • Past Ground Performance
    • Player Battle
  • Match between [strong vs. strong | strong vs. weak|weak vs. weak]
  • Match Condition [day or night(dew and light), overcast (Rain and hot summer)]

These are the general aspects that all learners should know.
There is some other factor, but now this is enough for you. As you progress, you will know another factor.

I am also interested in writing another article, “How this Knowledge helps you to create the best team”. If you like, please check the articles.

Now, you are going to learn “How you can gain knowledge?”.

How You Can Gain Knowledge of Fantasy Sport?

It can be possible by two way

  • Research by Yourself
  • Another Source

Research by yourself

You can get those factors(information) by researching on google by one and one. You may also know some of the factors like ground size or recent player performance, or maybe others. Those factors you would not know you may search on google.
Here I recommended 3 websites in which you can collect complete information.
You may know these sites CRICBUZZ, ESPNCRICINFO, CRICHQ, CRICMETRIC, Bigbashboard, etc.

Another Source

It is such an effortless source in which you can get all information from the Fantasy expert for free. It can be possible by some YouTubers. These YouTubers are fantasy experts with more than 4-5 years of experience.
They provide the full analysis (selected match) means covering all the points discussed above. They also have a telegram channel in which they provide match updates and teams(after toss).

I also follow some YouTubers for match analysis or research.
I assure you their information and prediction are so knowledgeable that you can learn so much. I request you to please do not copy and paste the team; try to learn ‘how they think’ and apply.
I also learn a lot of knowledge from these great people. I also recommend my personal favorite fantasy experts. Please check it out.

My recommendations of Fantasy Expects are-

(not in order, they are simply best)

  • Cric11forecast
  • Fantasy Arena
  • Fantasy Cricket Geek
  • Cricinformer

These are my personal favorite dream11 fantasy expert, which I follow, but they are experts in well-defined formate. I can not explain here, but please comment below if you want to know.


Up and Down (Comeback)

“Life is like the ocean, it goes up and down.”
By Venessa Paradis

As you know in every profession, up and down are quite natural. So don’t be afraid. You have to keep a presence to sustain in this arena.

I also suffer a lot of up and down in my career, but I didn’t afraid and try my best always.

It is also true that Bad times (up and down) teach us a bunch of creative things. In bad times you can also realize your mistake and learn so many things.

I think bad times are also necessary for life because it teaches a ton. Hence, do not be afraid, try to find your mistake and do your best to solve it.

In fantasy sports there are many chances of up and down… , That means you can win 4 or more matches continuously or lose 4-5 matches continuously.

Don’t put All your eggs in one basket.

It means that, don’t invest all your money in a single match. Because when it comes to sport, anything is possible. If you lose, no money for a comeback.

Therefore, I recommend you don’t invest all your money in a single match. Rather than, invest with an investment strategy for the future comeback.

My investment strategy-

  • First- divides all the amount into more than 5-10 parts (matches)
  • Second- play in discipline with your strategy. (no matter win or loss)
  • third- if you lose the first few matches, don’t be afraid, try to find your mistake and work hard; try for a great comeback.

This is the short intro to our 3rd article of the free course. If you want please check it out.


How to Play Fantasy Sport like a Pro

Playing every match is not preliminary, but creating the best team and playing is necessary.

In this article, I tried my best to guide the basic fundamental of dream11 fantasy sports with a few mistakes that you should avoid, and so more.

Therefore, I request you to please read the above 4 chapters carefully, If you don’t understand, please read twice or thrice and try to understand. I think this is the best article all about fantasy sports.

Here, you know all the things that should have in a pro fantasy Player; starting from its dark side to chance of up and down.

Now I can say that, You can think and take decisions like a pro (Create the best team) in this Fantasy sport.

FAQs- Dream11 Fantasy Sport: Complete Beginner’s Guide

Q. Can Fantasy sport affect your carrier?

Ans- It can indeed affect your carrier because it is so addictive and also affects our finances and time. But it depends upon yourself (maturity).
If you feel like you are addicted to fantasy sports, then my suggestion is to check the “Dream11 addiction” article.

Q. Is it’s true that money can be earned from fantasy sports?

Ans- Yes, many people earn lakhs or crores of money, but it is not easy for beginners. It is also true many people also lose lakhs of money.

I have been Playing Fantasy Sport (Dream11 and like more) since 2017. When I  was started playing fantasy sports, I do not even use Rs 1 from my banking account. I have a lot of experience in this field starting

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