Fantasy Sports: Investment Strategies 2022

In this complete course, we already talk about the Complete Guide of fantasy sports and How to choose your own best fantasy apps. If you have not read it, please give it a look.

Anyone can win a match in Fantasy Sports but becoming profitable in an interval is quite hard. The mantra to become profitable, must-have an investment strategy.

90% of successful fantasy players (those I saw) have investment strategies, and they never give up their strategy in their hard times.

Generally, investment strategy depends on personal mentality, including age, capital, risk tolerance, and goal.

Here, we discuss some popular Investment strategies 2022 with their mindset, risk tolerance, goal, etc. According to your strengths, you can follow them.

An investment strategy in fantasy sports is a plan designed to help an individual achieve a financial goal(Profitable in an interval). This plan is decided based on mentality, goals, risk tolerance.

Before learning about investment strategies, please keep in mind that you must have complete knowledge(stats and data analysis) of matches that you will play. For complete guide-

Q. How do you plan your investment strategy in Fantasy sports?

👇For increasing chance to achieve your goal

  • It would help if you had a tagline which leagues, series, and matches you will play (choose according to your strength and knowledge). Ex IPL t20 league.
  • Try to find your best fantasy app (less commission and competition).
  • Take a fixed amount of money and divide it into more than 5 parts for backup; invest one part per match.
  • Try to find your comfortable types of contests based on risk, goal, etc.(discussed below)
  • Play in a disciplined way means according to your plan. If your plan does not go according to you, don’t be panic; find your mistake and try to improve.

These are all plans that you should make before starting an investment in fantasy sports to increase the probability of achieving your goals. Now, we talk about investment strategies that include mentality, risk, goal, etc.

There are generally two main types of Investment Strategies in fantasy sports-

  • Play in Your Strength
  • Double Investment

Play in your strength Investment strategy in Fantasy Sports-

Here the most important work is to discover your strength to perform well. After that, you have to design a plan as I discuss above.

As you know, all fantasy players have different strengths ( mentality, risk levels). Thus, we divided “Play in Your Strength” into 3 parts according to risk tolerance-

  • Low risk
  • Medium risk
  • High risk

Here we have explained all strategies with their mindset, goal, contest join, loss, return, etc.

Low-Risk Investment Strategy-

In fantasy sport, low-risk means picking the maximum selected (Points) players or picking players according to only recent performance.

Low risk- low profit, but slow and steady wins the race. Many fantasy experts also take less risk, but they easily become profitable in the long run in this method.


Generally, they think,

  • If they play among fewer members, then they can easily beat their opponent (high winning probability because of low competition).
  • If my team does not go right, there is also a chance of winning, which means minimum losses.

Contests join-

  • Generally, they play only in those contests where the winning percentage is more or equal to 50% Example- H2H(2member) and 2X winner, 5 winners out of 10 (likes).


  • Generally, they want to win almost all matches (more than 80%) to become profitable. If they win only 50% matches, they may concede some losses because of platform charges.


  • Probability of minimum losses. Thus they saved money minimum for only 3-4 matches backup.


  • The average return is between 30-60 % of your investment, in this strategy.

Medium risk Investment strategies-

In fantasy sports, medium risk means picking more maximum selected players but leaving one or two minimum selected players and taking fewer chosen players.


Generally, they think

  • if I won 2 member contests in this team, why not 3 member contests.
  • In many cases, in 3 members contests, you may see that for the 1st rank, competition occurs between the 1st two ranks, and the other one is eliminated in halftime (other maybe you or opponent). That is why also many prefer to play 3 member contests.

Contests join-

  • They generally join 2-3 member contests where the winning percentage is between 30-50. Other contests are 3X, 5 winners out of 15, etc.


  • They also want to win maximum matches, but their mission is to win more than 60% of matches to become profitable.


  • The chance of losses would be moderate. Thus they saved more than 5 matches backup.


  • In this strategy, the average return may be between 50- 100 percentage

High-Risk Investment Strategies-

In fantasy sports, high risk means picking all players according to their prediction( data analysis), no matter high selection or low selection.

“There is no such thing as high returns without risk.”


They think

  • if I create a best, I can win every small contest no matter members and vice versa.
  • They have much confidence in recovering losses.

Contests join-

  • The contests where they get more than 3X return. Example- 4X or moreX, winner takes all(4member), 5 winners out of 25 (1st rank get the maximum prize), etc.


  • They can effort losses, but the main aim is to win a minimum of 5 out of 10 matches.


  • Maximum Chance of losses. Thus, they keep 8-10 match backup amount.


  • In this strategy, the return is also so high. The average return can be more than 100%.

Disclaimer- Here all discussed Investment Strategies are only for educational purposes. Winning in fantasy sports also depends on other factors like knowledge, stats, etc. Thus, Play at your own risk.

Double Investment Strategy in Fantasy Sports-

This strategy is more often used in stoke and crypto trending, some gambling, etc.

Name double investment means if you lose, invest the double amount in the next few matches to do recover the losses and become profitable. Thus, If your winning probability is more than 40% (win minimum 1 out of 3 matches). Then you may try it once for a time period.

In this process, anyone can become profitable if they have a time period and have a large fund in the backup. The reason is simple if you continuously lose 4 matches, but anyhow if you win one match, you can become profitable for the double investment amount.

Before starting this strategy, you have to design a plan, as I talk you above. In this strategy, I also like to add some points-

  • Try to play only 2 or 3 members contests.
  • Save minimum 10X backup amount.

In this strategy, anyone can quickly earn more money in a short period, but there is also a chance of losing money in a short duration. So, please play with your own risk.

Friends, these are the most used investment strategies 2022 in fantasy sports. Now, you can choose your best investment strategy among them, or you can make your plan according to you.

If you like my investment strategies, please tell me “which strategy you are going to follow and why?” in the comment section.

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FAQs; Fantasy Sports Investment Strategies

  • Q. Does investment Strategy lead to an easy win in fantasy sports?

    Ans- NO, an investment strategy is nothing but a plan. Winning in fantasy sports also depends on other factors like knowledge, stats, experience, etc.

  • Q. What is the best GL investment strategy in fantasy sports?

    Ans- My mantra GL investment strategy-
    1- patience to win big
    2- Play Multiple GL and mini GL contests.
    3- Last, make a plan and go accordingly.

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