How to Play MyTeam11 App on Laptop & PC : Easy Installation Process

When It comes to making 15 GL team in 20 minutes, no doubt, your knowledge and experience is king but do you know how to make your team 2X times faster and re-check the team combination.

Last month, I started to play on the laptop, and my GL team combination improved (I didn’t get 1st rank in the Grand League contest, but I won 1st rank in mini GL). All my GL winning proof is discussed below.

Playing on myteam11 laptop & PC has some pros and cons. So it would help if you read my complete article. In this article, I explain my experience that helps you choose the right choice.

How to Play myteam11 App on laptop and PC

Installation Process-

Follow some step


» Open any browser (Chrome or Microsoft Edge) and search

How to install- Myteam11 Installation Process step-1


» First, click on Resister/Login button

Myteam11 Installation Process login/Register step-2.


Click on 3dot or shortcut key( Keyboard- Alt+F).

Myteam11 Installation Process shortcut key step-3.


Click on the app section and install the myteam11 site as an app.

Myteam11 Installation Process Install step-4


After successful installation, you login to your myteam11 account.

Myteam11 Installation Process prove step-5

Myteam11 Fantasy Site; Mobile Vs Laptop

  • In Desktop (laptop or PC), all features are available as mobile versions except all games.
  • Create a team with a preview on the Desktop but not on mobile.
  • Quick Edit multiple teams on Desktop.

My Experience: Playing On Myteam11 site on Laptop

Well, I Played most of the fantasy sites on my laptop for making GL team when I started to play on my laptop, slightly confused/not comfortable for 1st few days. After that, my GL team combination was improved. I didn’t get 1st rank but got a good rank on the Mega contest and won many Mini GL contests (1st rank).

Before the last months, I used to play on the MyTeam11 Andriod app(mobile). After a month, I knew that Myteam11 was also available on the laptop. Then I started playing Myteam11 on my laptop or PC.

My strategy to play fantasy sports is simple. I play only selected matches and play most of the GL and Mini GL. For GL I create 10-15 teams per match, and most important is only to join my favorite contests before the toss. When lineout comes, I edit my teams according to toss.

MyTeam11 App Play on Desktop: Pros & Cons


  • most of the features are available on the desktop version as mobile.
  • Create a team with previews.
  • 2X faster than mobile.


  • Not able to play any Games on desktop.
  • Join all your teams with single clicks Option is not available. ( join contest one by one or Join with your mobile)-

Note- You can log in user myteam11 account in moble and PC at a time. (use both at the same time) Thus it would be best if you preferred to join in mobile with a single click.

MyTeam11 Gl/Mini GL Winning Proof-

In this myteam11 fantasy app, I won 5+ mini Gl and a good rank in the Mega contest. Here I share my recent Gl own proof.

Myteam11 mini Gl own proof.

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Frequently Ask Questions on MyTeam11

Q1: Is it playable smoothly on desktop as mobile?

Yes, Anyone can play smoothly like mobile. But you check first how it works on your laptop and PC system.

Q2: Can you play on Mobile Browser(Chrome or other) with a desktop mode like Laptop or PC?

No, You can play on Mobile Browers(Chrome or other) with or without desktop mode, but it is not like a PC; it is just like Andriod mobile app(Create a team without preview)

Q3: Can you Play Games on a Laptop or PC?

No, All games are played on only mobile.


Now I hope you like my article “How to Play MyTeam11 App on Laptop & PC: With My Experience ” and If you have any issues or doubts, write in the comment section and follow me on my social media handles.

I have been Playing Fantasy Sport (Dream11 and like more) since 2017. When I  was started playing fantasy sports, I do not even use Rs 1 from my banking account. I have a lot of experience in this field starting

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