Sixer Referral Code |10 Coins, Up to 300 Extra Coins (Referral Code Benefits)

This article discusses the Sixer Sign-up process with a referral code YJNILO to get 10 coins and a deposit offer.

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Here you get detailed information- Sixer Referral code & Sign up Process.

What is the Sixer Referral code?

The valid Sixer Referral code is YJNILO. Sign up with my referral code to get 10 coins and a deposit offer to get an extra up to 300 coins.

1. Referral Code-YJNILO
2. Sign up Bonus-First Deposit offers to get extra bonus coins and cashback
3. Referral Extra Reward-First Deposit offers to get extra coins
4. Download Link-

Sixer Sign-up Process [using Referral code]

Step 1- Click on the “Download Link” which retrace to the Sixer official website and then download the app.

Step 2- Open it and tap on “Get Started“.

Step 3- Next, verify the referral code. Tap on ” Have a referral code? Enter Code” and enter the given referral code- YJNILO and tap on “Verify“.

Step 4- Now, enter your mobile number and tap on “Sign In“.

Step 5- Wait for a few seconds; you receive a 6-digit OTP. Enter the OTP and tap on “Verify“.

Step 6– After that, your Sixer Account is created successfully and you get the sign-up benefits (10 coins and a first deposit offer).

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FAQs: Sixer Referral Code

Is Sixer provide special features to new users?

Yes, when new users use the Sixer referral code- YJNILO, they get an Instant 10 coins and a 1st deposit offer to get an extra up to 300 coins.

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