Why You should Continue or Quit Dream11?

Are you serious about dream11 or likes apps; you do not know what to do?” You should continue or quit.” Actually, many have also the same problem, and they didn’t know what to do.

Well, you all know creating a team on Dream11 app (other fantasy apps) takes just 2 minutes, but it created a big impact on our life. 

This article will try to find some valid reason for continuing or quitting playing dream11.

How much time do we spend on Dream11(Fantasy Sport)?

Many people may think that it takes just 2-4 minutes to create a team, but it actually takes 2-4 hours.

Now you may think that “I create in just 2 minutes” and what you are saying!.

So I am going to explain briefly. To create the best team,

  1. You must have to do some research– it takes more than at least 30m.
  2. When the match starts, you would think in favor of your team by looking at the scorecard or Live match(very stressful).
  3. When the match finished, no matter win or lose. You would think about the finished match and upcoming matches
  4. You must fantasise that, you had won 1 crore GL and what you are going to do with that money?

In this way, many people waste their time. Thus it takes a minimum of 2-4 hours per match.

First Question you must think about-

Why does anyone start playing Dream11 (like game)?

There are general and common points to start playing Fantasy Sports.

  • Pocket money
  • Entertainment
  • Make Money Like Other( Exciting TV Ads)
  • Earn more money in less time to buy something
  • Try once in life (to know how people earn money through dream11)


2nd Question you must think about-

Why does anybody want to quit Dream11 Likes)?

Common reasons for quitting-

  • Waste of Time
  • Not focus On Goal
  • Depression (affect mental health)
  • Habit(Addiction)
  • Financial losses 

I will clear you that if you are a student and play dream11 (other fantasy apps) for pocket money. The straightforward suggestion is to STOP playing and focus on your goal. You have a lot of time left for playing. Thus 1st focus on studying to achieve your goal. Then you may start again playing for money on Dream11.

Here also, if you are a very sensitive person and you could not deserve financial Losses. Then I did not suggest to continue, and You should Quit.

Now I am generalizing these things as simple as possible for Others. It will also help for any work, which you could not decide you should continue or quit.

 “If You Feel Like Quitting: REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED,” 

For our main Question,

How did you decide to continue or quit playing on Dream11?

To find the answer to the above question. You have to answer some simple questions-

Note- Please note down the answer in a paper.

  1. Remember why you started? Note down in a paper
  2. Try to find some valid reason for quitting? Note down in a paper
  3. Think, the reason why you started is now essential for you or not.
  4. And at last ask yourself the reason why you quit and started, which is more IMPORTANT.

Hence now you can also make the decision that “You should continue or quit playing Dream11 (Like fantasy apps.”

But if you need any extra help, I will explain with my example. I am played Dream11 since 2017, and I played a lot. Because greedy for money, I also started playing poker (one type of online gambling). Now I will try to answer those questions.

Q 1)Remember why you started?

I start playing Dream11 for 2 Reasons 1st pocket money, and 2nd try once (to know how people earn money through dream11). Because at that time, I did not get much pocket money from my parents.

Q 2)Try to find some valid reason for quitting?

The reasons are I am not focusing on my actual GOAL. It also became addictive and affected my mental health.

Q 3)Think, the reason why you started is now essential for you or not?

The present-day, I did not require any extra pocket money.

Q 4)And at last ask yourself the reason why you quit and started, which is more IMPORTANT?

From my point of view, Focusing and achieving goals is more important than earning pocket money through dream11. Suppose I focus on my GOAL and achieve it and then, I get Leverage Income. But Dream11 gives only passive income (if you are a lucky person, you may earn crores of rupees, but life is not about hope or luck) with Depression (mental health problem). Thus achieving the goal is more IMPORTANT than playing for pocket money.

Hence My Last decision, I quit playing dream11 ( fantasy sports). But after achieving my goal, I may play again.

But in your case, if you think you can become a successful carrier in this field, having 5-6 years of experience with a lot of knowledge. Then you may continue as a profession. Many people make their careers as content creators in this arena like videos, websites, telegrams, etc. 

 If you do not have any valid reason to quit, you may continue.


Now you can easily decide your last decision, “You should continue or quit playing any fantasy app,” by answering the above questions. 

 There is also a problem that taking the decision to quit is simple but quitting from any addiction is so difficult. Here I used the word addiction. Is playing on Dream11 (like apps) become an addiction. If yes, then it is so tough to quit.

No tension, I am with you. I am going to write my next article.

Is playing on dream11 become addictive? and How?

How can you break or control it?

How does it help quit?

If you want to read my next article, please check…..

Srikanta Majhi is the main author, content creator, stats analyst of Fantasyalternatives.com. My aim is always to learn new things and educate you.

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